Monday, January 23, 2017

Education as a Tool towards Life

Education is so important for one individual to survive the cruel world where we live in. In order to withstand life’s heavy blows, one really needs to have the appropriate knowledge and to know where it is found. Some would say that being ignorant is not an excuse for committing mistakes. With that, I would probably agree. Ignorance is a social crime, either we accept it or not. We exist in a very competitive world, and we must take every opportunity to grow and learn as if it is our very last. It is a tough world out there, and we must be ready to face the challenge that lies ahead. And mind you, the challenges in life will definitely push you on your knees until you bleed and come to a point where giving up is a near possibility. Without education, we would somehow be powerless in more ways than one. I, myself, have witnessed how the powerful and the educated manipulated and demoralized the weak and the ignorant. Is it unfair? It would probably be yes. Is this how life really works? I guess it’s the painful reality. Can we do something or anything about it? It is hard to tell since one can only do so much against a battalion of people abusing the weak but nevertheless, we do can make a change. Education, as a weapon of choice, will play a vital role in achieving that much needed change in which our society badly needs. It will somewhat revolutionize and empower the eager young minds in the society which would lead the way to a brighter and much more promising future ahead of everyone of us.

With regards to achieving one’s dreams in life, education is also essential in making your dream a reality. Nurses, engineers, doctors and lawyers became what they are today because of education. With education, we can change the face of our country and ultimately, the status of the world. Wouldn’t be that amazing? Imagine yourself in a life full of progression and development, maybe I guess it is too ideal, but it just sounds so good. Seeing how progress will change the world through education is indeed very promising. Anyway, one’s fate will totally change with education and the poor and the ignorant with the aid of education will be transformed into an educated and dignified individual. Poverty is not a hindrance to success, as they say, because of the wonders one could benefit if he or she has acquired proper education. It is simply the great equalizer in the society. A poor person can  be a wealthy individual because education is there as a tool in changing one’s destiny and a tool towards life’s success. This is the same reason why our parents work long and hard just to get us enrolled in a good school and provide us the things which we need in school. It is for us to become successful in life and change our stars, making them much brighter.

Indeed, education can definitely bring about change so that is why promotion of education and emphasis on its importance in moulding one’s career in life is essential. However, sad to say, many people did not even receive primary education and secondary education. It saddens me knowing that illiteracy rates are significantly increasing and illiterates are markedly growing in population. However, with the right support from the government, the possibility of increasing social awareness with regards to the importance of education and possibility of a significant increase in the number of people educated will not be far at hand. By helping one another, we can somehow uplift our country and push it back where it once used to, one of the leading Asian countries in the world. So join me in my campaign for education and let us say no to drugs and say yes to education. Let us discourage substance abuse and promote education. For with education, one’s life goals will become a reality, and we shall be no more less than a successful, productive person in the society living with a significant purpose.